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Welcome to Spam Analyse. Email-marketing can be an excellent practice for both large and small organisations to market themselves in a fast and affordable manner. Newsletters are particularly powerful ways that can complement your marketing strategy and help meet your organisation's objectives.

Many email newsletters however are now ending up in spam and junk folders of popular domains such hotmail, yahoo, gmail and many more. The growth of spam email has resulted in increasingly sophisticated spam filters. Over 30% of your mailings could possibly be classed as spam and be unread by your customer. Attention must be paid to the coding, content and the structure of your newsletter to ensure it does not end up as spam.

Spam analyse is a application built to check if your email newsletter is spam filter friendly. Also check out our articles on the latest spam findings.

Simply take the coding from your html or text based newsletter and paste it in the box below for an instant spam analysis report of your newsletter..